Introducing the Degafloor DegaWash!

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To maintain the Degafloor resin flooring systems at optimal levels of performance, it is imperative to clean them correctly using compatible cleaning materials and suitable equipment.

Following the launch of the Degafloor Eco-Clean solution, the Degafloor technical team have been looking for a simple, powerful and robust cleaning machine to ensure the floors can be cleaned correctly and easily without compromising aesthetics or performance.

Over the years the Degafloor technical team have been asked to assess numerous resin floors that are either damaged or underperforming. In many cases the outcome of these assessments was that either unsuitable chemicals, equipment, or incorrect cleaning regimes were being used.

Following an installation, Degafloor can provide cleaning manuals which outline recommendations for each of the flooring solutions offered. However, cleaning regimes are often overlooked, and instead many customers adopt a mop and bucket method, which in most cases is not sufficient.

The new DegaWash machine is a dual cylinder scrubber dryer and can be used across all Degafloor resin systems as well as carpets, entrance matting, vinyl, natural stone, ceramic tiles, terrazzo, and many more. The lightweight compact machine can clean up to 300sqm per hour and can be used in the tightest of areas such as toilets or in an around kitchen equipment. It is not only extremely manoeuvrable, but also super simple to use.

A correct and robust cleaning regime will keep a resin floors looking good for many years. The use of both, the Degafloor DegaWash and Eco-Clean products, can make the maintenance process easier, quicker and will ultimately contribute towards the longevity of the floor.

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